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The website www.handicraftcorridor.com presented to you is subject matter of below mentioned terms & conditions. When you access our website, you agree to these terms. Thus, we request you to read through these cautiously. While using any existing or future services of Handicraft Corridor, you will be liable to follow our guidelines, terms and conditions, which are inconsistent and matter of change with time. Handicraft Corridor solely controls the existing terms and future amendments in them.

Privacy terms:
We emphasize that every website visitor and user first needs to explore and review our privacy policies. This will let you understand our practices.

Electronic Communications related terms:
Your visit to our website or sending emails to us falls under electronic communication. This is considered as your agreement to receive electronic communication from our end. We may get in touch with you through email or posting notice on our website. Here, you approve that any type of communication (notices, disclosures, letters, agreements etc.) made by us electronically fulfills legal requirements of any type of communication.

Copyright terms:
All content added on our website is sole property of Handicraft Corridor. The term content in detail includes text, video, graphical and audio, logos, button, icons, digital downloads, data accumulations, and software etc. The copyrights held by company are protected under India and international copyright laws.

Trademarks terms:
Handicraft Corridor’s major trademarks include graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names. Trademarks registered on the name of Handicraft Corridor may not be used for any product or service, which is not of Handicraft Corridor itself. Usage of these trademarks in any manner is that is likely to discredit Handicraft Corridor or creates confusion amongst the users.

Single or additional patents owned by Handicraft Corridor apply to the website’s services and features. Different lots of the websites operate under one or more patent licenses.

License and Website Access:
Handicraft Corridor gives you limited permission to access website’s content license for your personal use only. The website does not allow you to access the content for downloading it or modifying it without written permission of Handicraft Corridor.
Through this license, we do not allow you to put our website content (including prices, product lists or product descriptions) for commercial purpose. Using any content for the purpose of benefiting other business firm is strictly not allowed.
Content of our website cannot be reproduced, duplicated, copied, altered, sold, resold, visited or exploited for any commercial purpose with prior written consent from the Handicraft Corridor.
Usage of Meta Tags and hidden text created by Handicraft Corridor for any other purpose is not allowed. Only limited access to create hyperlink on your page is given by the company. Usage of Handicraft Corridor’s content or its services for misleading, false or offensive matter is strictly prohibited. 

Terms related to Your Account:
If you use our website through your account registered on it, you are solely responsible for taking care of your account and its confidentiality.

Terms for Reviews, Comments, Communications, and Other Content posting on website:
No illegal, obscene, threatening, offensive, promotional, privacy infringing, invasive or defamatory content posting is allowed on our website.

Copyright Complaints
We respect your intellectual property. If you think your intellectual property has been used on our website or we have infringed your copyrights in any manner, please inform use by following our Notice and Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement.